Heroine’s vs. Hero’s Journey

Seeking Answers From Within

What are the traits of the Heroine’s Journey compared to the Hero’s Journey? First lets look at what they have in common. Both begin the journey when a change is needed….Within both the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey there is venturing into the unknown to seek something and bring it back to the known. In both, self-discovery and personal change occurs through their confrontation with inner and outer blocks that are keeping them from achieving what they want. Courage and motivation are needed in both.

How are they different? The motivators for the journeys are different. The Heroine’s Journey is mostly done internally, and the Hero’s Journey is mostly an external adventure. The steps and timing of the steps are different. See below for a description of the differences between the two:

The Heroine’s JourneyThe Hero’s Journey
The Heroine strives for self-awareness, self-worth and self- IdentityThe Hero strives for physical strength and bravery and achievement
It is about the journeyIt is about the outcome
Drawn to frequent periods of inspirationDrawn to a final reward or goal
Driven by love, curiosity and fearDriven by honor, duty and fear
Now centered Future centered
Intrinsic motivationExtrinsic motivation
Natural processForced and controlled order
Change and CreateProtect and Preserve
Creativity is the conduit to self-knowledgeSkill building by overcoming challenges
Connections create powerPhysical strength creates power