The Heroine’s Journey Within

Welcome, I am Vicki and this is my blog, The Heroine’s Journey Within. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to concept of a heroine’s journey. This particuliar journey uses the transformational magic of Creative Self-Expression and the generative power of Appreciative Inquiry within the framework of an ancient, time proven path to self-Actualization, the Hero’s Journey.

The Heroine’s Journey Within evolved from my experience working with women as a therapist and coach for over 30 years. It reflects what I have learned about how change happens and how women grow and connect with themselves, others, and the planet. The Heroines Journey is an inner journey rather than an outer one as the Hero’s Journey tends to be.

I have found that paths can be magical. Expressing ourselves through art making can be magical also. That is because they both challenge us to be curious and to be open to discovering parts of ourselves we may not be aware of. That is why in the Heroine’s Journey Within I am combining the Heroines Journey with Expressive arts. (No art experience required)

We learn best by experiencing. The Heroine’s Journey Within, utilizes the Expressive Arts, Reflective Journaling, and other creative experiences to help the heroine discover her true self. Spontaneous, Expressive  Art quiets the conditioned mind, connects us with the hidden parts of ourselves that we are not aware of, and allows our inner truths to emerge on to the art. Women will strengthen their relationship with their wise intuitive self, achieve more clarity and direction, and be better prepared to live their lives in alignment with who they are.

1-14-20 final draft Copy of heroine's journey with Expressive arts (1)

Above is the map of the Heroines Journey Within. There are different variations of the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journeys out there. But they all follow an ancient story pattern that is similar to all hero and heroine journeys through out time. There is a calling or a happening that creates a need for a quest. The male or female goes on the quest in order to obtain something of value and bring it back. The quest involves inner and outer challenges. For the heroine the majority of the challenges reside within her. For the hero the challenges are mainly exterior. You can see different variations of the pattern in folklore, movies, plays, books, etc. Even though the pattern of the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey is ancient, it is still relevant to our lives today. It is a tried and true map to self-discovery and self-actualization.

A Heroine’s Journey is different from a Hero’s Journey in that her journey is mostly an internal quest. A journey toward wholeness and self actualization. The Heroine’s Journey Within is designed to support and guide courageous women as they go within to find those parts of themselves that have been buried and forgotten. They are also able to better uncover and release their internal blocks that have kept them from living a life that reflects their true nature.

Each step within the journey is a milestone that can look unique to each woman. The titles of the steps are only guides. The overall outline has ancient roots and has been a road traveled by many. Our path as women is more intuitive and deeper in nature. The outline as a map that is offered to help you navigate your own unique path.

We all have Feminine and Masculine energy within us and while this blog is for women I would like to acknowledge the men out there who are able to balance both energies well. Men have been often ridiculed for being nurturing, artistic, compassionate, caring. But that climate seems to be changing in some areas of our world. I thank the strong men who are publicly in the limelight displaying kinder and more compassionate behaviors. Feelings that I believe all men can feel and display.

The Heroine’s Journey Within Support Network is designed so that Women find support and courage in community. Women find their way when they start to feel grounded and supported as they expand their beliefs in themselves. This support group will be on line and I will be posting a link when the support network is formed.


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